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Come to the annual BWAM Summit event and network with others doing business, find out more and get equipped to do business with a mission!




February 19th 6:00 pm until February 23rd 1:00 pm, 2019

Event Registration: Tuesday, February 19th from 3pm

Opening Dinner: Tuesday, February 19th at 6pm

Summit Close: Saturday, February 23rd at 1pm



Duangtawan Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Early Bird Price until January 7th, 2019:
Summit Fee per person
Country A – $150
Country B – $120
Country C – $80

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  • Come and network with others doing Business With A Mission in YWAM!
  • Learn from experienced BWAM leaders who will share fruitful practices.
  • Hear YWAM Elders affirm the strategic importance of business in the work of God’s Kingdom.


Our vision as a BWAM network is to know God and make Him known through business. What does that look like in every day business life? Come to the BWAM Summit and find out!


Business and YWAM

Business With A Mission simply means YWAMers doing ‘business as mission’. That can bring unexpected questions and tensions as we try and operate our companies, stay focused on our mission and live out our Values. During the Summit, BWAM Elders and YWAM Leaders will share what it really means to be a YWAMer and do business.


Integrating Business and Mission

It can also be a great challenge to be both excellent at business operations and stay aligned to our mission. How do we do both business and mission well? BWAM company owners will share their stories of success and failure. Experienced practitioners will sharing fruitful practices on topics such as:

1.  Making disciples in business
2.  How to balance business and mission
3.  How to grow your business to reach more people

Practical Business Topics

We will also cover practical business topics such as business planning, financials, marketing, people planning, through interactive business presentations, panels, Q&A, and breakout sessions.
Ministering to the Lord and to One Another

The BWAM Summit is an opportunity to be in the Lord’s presence as a body and to be refreshed together. We will have times of worshipping the Lord together in song, a focus on the Word through devotionals, and intercession and prayer ministry for one another. There will also be an opportunity to practice generosity towards each other.

One of the most valuable aspects of the BWAM Summit is the chance to network with others with a similar vision. The Summit includes longer coffee breaks, meals and free times for networking. There will also be the opportunity for industry area and interest-focused roundtable discussions, plus breakouts.
Breakout Topics:

  • Leadership
  • Operations
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Integration of Mission and Business
  • Business Startup
  • Discipleship in the Business
  • HR & Managing Staff
  • Marketing
  • Plus more!

More schedule information coming soon!
The BWAM Summit is for YWAMers who are doing business in all parts of the world and for those who support them through resourcing and training. It is also for former YWAMers or YWAM associates who are involved in business as mission.
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