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View from a Business DTS

A Business-focused Discipleship Training School

YWAM Discipleship Training School with Business and Entrepreneurship (B&E DTS) focus is happening in Hyderabad India with 16 Students. The B&E DTS aims to establish a healthy Biblical worldview for business and economics. It equips students for their Christian walk in the 7 spheres of influence so that they can walk in obedience to the calling God has in their lives.

This program teaches core concepts of a regular DTS like Hearing God’s voice, Father Heart of God and Divine Plumbline, along with focused teaching on Business as Mission, Biblical Worldwiew on Economics, Taking back the Authority in Business world etc.. challenging students to live up to the radical calling they have in their lives by claiming the business arena for God’s Glory.

The 3 month lecture phase will be followed by a 3 month outreach in various business locations, along with regular outreach church activities that the students enjoy doing while they are exploring new cultures. 

School Leaders Aharon and Thara are aiming to help at least 3 students to emerge as young entrepreneurs by the time they finish the school. Staff members Madhu and Bhaskar want to run a business by themselves as they finish the school in Food and Beverages and Transportation industries respectively. You can join us to pray for 3 more business ideas to emerge with this batch of students, to glorify God in the business realm and to create more jobs.

Praveen Pagadala

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