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Attend the BWAM Summit

Come to the annual BWAM Summit event and network with others doing business, find out more and get equipped to do business with a mission!

BWAM Summit 2019


February 19th 6:00 pm until February 23rd 1:00 pm, 2019

Event Registration: Tuesday, February 19th from 3pm

Opening Dinner: Tuesday, February 19th at 6pm

Summit Close: Saturday, February 23rd at 1pm


Duangtawan Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand.


  • Come and network with others doing Business With A Mission in YWAM!
  • Learn from experienced BWAM company leaders who will share fruitful practices.
  • Hear YWAM Elders affirm the strategic importance of business in the work of God’s Kingdom.


YWAM Elders such as Lynn Green and Tom Hallas will share on business as a strategy for YWAMers today.

BWAM Practioners will sharing fruitful practices on topics such as:

1.  A systemic way to discipleship in business.
2.  How to balance business and mission.
3.  How to grow your business to reach more people.

More schedule information coming soon!


  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Financials
  • Coffee
  • Manufacturing

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