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Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 30th March – 3rd April 2020

plus optional “Creating a Business Plan Workshop” 6th – 8th  April
(for past Seminar Attendees 2018-2020)
Program Includes
  • Introduction to Concepts of BAM: What is BAM, Biblical Foundations and some examples from mission history
  • Introduction to Basic Business Skills
  • Examples of BAM  in Missions Today
  • Discipleship and Principles of Integration.

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Amsterdam, 23rd – 29th February 2020

The BAM Course is a modular training that lays a strong foundation for future business as mission involvement. The teaching in Module 1 is very intensive and focuses on the biblical foundations for business, BAM core topics and a business start-up boot camp. Module 2 is a field trip to visit multiple business as mission companies, exposing you to BAM principles through real-life cases. The BAM Course gives both essential knowledge and practical skills through a wide variety of learning processes.

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Colorado Springs, USA, dates tbc

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