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where will you serve God in business?

Join a Consulting Trip

If you are interested in coming along to a business consulting or training trip for 1 to 2 weeks in Asia or Africa please write to:

Consulting Trip

This will include joining a team of business professionals to visit 1 to 3 business locations to see what they are doing, to help them move to the next level of business and try to answer any questions they might have on business development.

Training Trip

If you are interested to use your business skills to train entrepreneurs in Asia or Africa please email us. This would involve joining a small team of business Jesus followers and going to a place that has requested entrepreneurial training. You would be asked to teach one topic that you would feel comfortable in business to teach. For example it might include teaching on budgeting, or on inventory or risk taking or how to know your customer, how to see if the business will work.